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Edmond, Oklahoma

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APEX Dance Company

APEX helps students realize their full potential through participation in Company dance. In addition to helping students take their ability to a whole new level, Company participation fosters leadership, self-confidence, discipline, and teamwork skills. Through competitions and community performances, our award winning Company members grow physically and mentally; developing the skills they need both on the stage and in life.

Company participation will require hard work, discipline, and responsibility. Each member is required to audition. It is important to know that you are working as part of a team, and each member must always strive to do their best. It is an honor of accomplishment, skill, and attitude to be a member of APEX Dance Company. Company participation is a year-long commitment that we take seriously and expect all participants to do so as well.

APEX currently has three competition teams: Senior, Teen, and Junior. We also have a Future Stars class for young students that wish to compete in the future.



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